Want your insurance marketing and training materials to be done right?

Then entrust them to a professional copywriter / content specialist who also has more than 27 years of experience in the life, health, and identity theft insurance industry.

I create content for insurance and financial professionals in the areas of training, marketing, and continuing education, as well as ghostwrite full-length books that can help you to stand out from your competition, and more easily generate leads.

The primary mission of the content I develop for my clients is to prompt prospective clients and / or brokers and agents to take specific actions that will increase a brokerage, insurance, or financial service business’s bottom line.

To that end, I specialize in providing insurance, annuity, and identity theft / cyber security related content for:

  • Books
  • EBooks
  • Training Manuals
  • Continuing Education (CE) Courses (and corresponding exams)
  • Whitepapers / Reports
  • Presentation, Seminar and Video Scripts

By already speaking the industry language, we can all save a tremendous amount of time, and get right to the details of achieving your ultimate goals, whether that is to:

  • Become known as an expert / authority in your market
  • Reach out to new prospects
  • Attract or educate agents
  • Strengthen existing client relationships
  • Create an additional stream of passive income
  • Bring clients to your door – rather than having to go out and chase them

Having good solid content will keep you and your business at the top of clients’ and prospects’ minds when they’re ready to move forward…and having that content developed by an industry expert can get you there!